Life After High School Graduation: Resources to transition to community living or post-secondary education

Congratulations to all of the Autistic and disabled students who completed high school this year! Your dedication and hard work paid off and we’re proud to celebrate your accomplishments! Within this blog post we’ve included resources for Autistics and disabled students transitioning to their communities and students transitioning to post-secondary education.

Post Secondary Education

If you’ve decided to pursue post-secondary education this fall, now is a good time to check out this list of resources. Additionally, it is important to reach out to the disability services office at your university or college two to three weeks before the semester begins. 

Hear from other speaking and non-speaking Autistic students’ experiences:

Disability Rights, Education Activism, and Mentoring is a national organization for and by college students with disabilities.

Brookes Inclusion Lab
Brookes Publishing Co has been providing education books and resources since 1978, which include students with disabilities. The Brookes Inclusion Lab offers blog posts aimed at including all students in the education process. Additionally, they provide textbooks to students with disabilities in accessible formats.

Check out our blog post about requesting accommodations in college settings,

Community Living

If you’re undecided about your plans for the fall or are transitioning to community living, here are a list of resources to check out to help support you during this transition.

The National Council on Independent Living offers a nationwide network of resource agencies that provide support with community living, peer support, and advocacy skills.

ARC’s Autism Now
The ARC’s Autism NOW Center offers autism specific resources nationwide, as well as timely blog posts.
Offers a network of local and regional social groups. Their easy to use website allows you to search up to 100 miles away from your location for autism, disability, or special interest groups.

Psychology Today
Maybe you need support with the transition to or from school? Or help with identifying a career that’s right for you? Psychology Today offers you an almost international database of therapists and counselors to search through; you can even narrow the search to one who accepts your health insurance.

More resources

If these resources are still not exactly what you’re searching for, we are happy to help. We provide free information and referral services internationally. Additionally, our Certified Autism Specialists provide virtual coaching services to assist someone through life’s transitions. Learn more at

Get in touch through our contact page so we can begin assisting you today.