Autism Assessment Services

Why we’re providing this service:

Over the years, from around the globe, we have received numerous information requests for low-cost autism assessments. Additionally, we have heard from many women, gender non-conforming, and non-binary/genderqueer/trans folx of the barrier of finding an assessor who is trained in gender presentation differences in autism. We have unfortunately also heard about the discrimination adults have faced because of ageism, systemic racism, being houseless, xenophobia, and a general misunderstanding of Autistic adults.

Our aim is to remove these upsetting experiences and create a neuro-affirming autism assessment process. So, after input from Autistic individuals, we are delighted to collaborate with qualified and trained providers to offer affordable, respectful autism diagnostic services to Autistics nationally and internationally through secure tele-health sessions.

To accompany this new service, we launched a corresponding GRASP Assessment Satisfaction Questionnaire, to formally research the assessment experiences of Autistic adults and how it affected their quality of life. The purpose of this questionnaire is to ask for Autistic adults’ opinions about their personal experiences with non-partnered GRASP providers, the assessment process and questions. The goal is to utilize their insights to build a better, neuro-affirming autism assessment process and to provide training to clinicians that is informed by these experiences. To participate in the survey please click on the title above or here,

How the process works:

To ensure the process is considerate of your needs, the assessment is scheduled in several sessions: initial consultation, diagnostic testing, and follow-up discussion of the findings. During your initial consultation session the provider will go over in detail what to expect during the process and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Breaks are automatically built into the testing day with the aim of making the process more comfortable. Each session is expected to last up to 2 hours. If you have questions after a session or about a test, please be sure to email us as soon as possible.

How we make it affordable:

The cost for the full assessment process is $750; this includes the deposit, all of the sessions, any testing, and a report of the provider’s findings. A payment plan is built into the process, as a third of the total cost is only required to be paid before each session. We also offer financial assistance; read below in the FAQs for assistance requirements. A non-refundable deposit of $250 (or the agreed-upon amount) is required to hold your assessment spot.

Payment for the assessment is considered a donation and is tax-deductible; GRASP will provide a tax-deductible donation letter with your report. If you are able to afford to pay more for your assessment, please do so. By donating beyond the usual amount will be able to provide more low and no-cost assessments to future community members accessing our service.

Have questions or concerns?

Please scroll past the PayPal deposit section for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQS), including what is required for financial assistance, other diagnoses, helping out a friend, having several questions and concerns, etc.

If you cannot find an answer to your questions, want to know when we’re scheduling sessions, or you have an unaddressed concern, please email us at Please allow us to address any questions, concerns, or financial assistance requests before requesting to schedule a session.

The next step:

When you’re ready, please let us know you’d like to schedule your first session through our contact page.

Alternatively, you may make your non-refundable deposit here and a GRASP team member will get in contact with you. If you select this option and your contact information is different from your PayPal account, please be sure to also email us at with your most up-to-date information.

Payment options

Reserve your first session by paying your non-refundable deposit here. A GRASP team member will get in contact with to set-up your first session.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is required for financial assistance?
In most instances, your 2020 tax return without the schedule attachments and a copy of social security, unemployment, or food stamp payments. Alternatively, you may provide a bank statement or check stubs showing the above-mentioned payments. If you are ineligible for state or federal support services, then you may provide a letter from a friend or a relative explaining your financial situation, in addition to your taxes.

If you are requesting financial assistance from another country, not including Canada, then we can discuss different ways to show your financial assistance eligibility. While we use secure email servers, we suggest everyone censor sensitive information like you social security/insurance number, bank account numbers, and your birthday.

Can I contact you on behalf of another adult (18+) who is Autistic and needs an autism assessment?
We are firm believers in the rights of Autistic adults to express their self-determination and, when needed, utilize supported decision making. If you are offering assistance to: your child who is age 18+, a spouse, a relative, or a friend, please be sure you have their consent to contact us on their behalf. They will need to participate in the email exchange so please be sure to cc them on all emails to us. If they are not cc’ed, then a phone call or Zoom session will be required to ensure they are consenting to this service. If they do not consent to participate, then we will deny your request for an assessment.

Can I use my health insurance?
We are currently unable to accept health insurance, and while you may use health savings account (HSA) funds we are unable to process that donation payment. If you choose to use HSA funds, we suggest getting a letter of need from your primary care doctor to document the use of the funds.

Is this an official diagnosis?
Yes, we partner with psychological associates who provide the diagnosis.

I have multiple questions and concerns which makes me feel (insert feeling/body sensation) and I’m not ready to commit to the whole autism assessment process. What can I do?
We will request that you set-up an introductory coaching session ($150) , so that we can best address your questions, concerns, or situation. If you decide to move forward, then the money from this session will be used toward the total of the autism assessment. If you decided not to pursue an autism assessment with us, then we will refer you to community resources which will better address your needs.

Can this diagnosis be used in the United States for social security disability, state services, and workplace accommodations?
Yes, in most situations. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Can this diagnosis be used in other countries to access services and resources?
Contact us to discuss your location and specific needs.

Do you provide additional assessments for ADHD, depression, or anxiety?
At this time, our providers are only assessing for autism. We will consider adding additional diagnoses as there is need.

Virtual appointments- how will that work?
You will need a laptop, desktop computer, or mobile phone with a secure internet connection in a quiet space. We will meet over Zoom, which is a secure and HIPAA compliant platform. Zoom is free to use and utilizes video and audio. Your webcam and microphone will need to be enabled for the sessions, however non-speaking clients may communicate by solely typing or using AAC.

What ages do you assess?
Ages 18 and up.