GRASP’s Mission:
Our Mission at GRASP, the Global & Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership, is to improve and enrich the quality of life of Autistic individuals, those with related diagnoses, and their families through Community Advocacy & Outreach, Peer Supports, Education, and Information & Referral Services, at No Cost to Our Members.

GRASP’s Vision:
Our Vision at GRASP is to work toward a just and equitable society where all Autistic and Disabled individuals are Self-Determined, Respected, Valued, and Fairly Represented, where appropriate supports and services are readily available to those in need, where People are empowered to participate in personal and community decisions that affect their lives in order to achieve their goals and dreams.

GRASP’s Free Services for Members:
-Information and referral services internationally available in English y Español
-Regional GRASP Peer Support Groups (Face-to-Face) for Adults, Teens, Women, Families, Siblings, & Partners
-Safe & Moderated Online Community Spaces:
GRASP Online Chat Groups in English y Español
• GRASP Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
GRASP Blog in English y Español


GRASP’s Board of Directors & Advisory Board
Kate Palmer, MA, CCP, CAS
Darrius Fraiser
Emanuel Frowner
Brian Liston
Chloe Rothschild
Lindsay Ryan, MEd, CAS, QMHP
Jesse Saperstein
Mike Tripodi

Stephen Shore, Ed.D.
Karl Wittig, P.E.
Robert E Hedin


Communications & Outreach
Brian Liston
Jane Newman

Special Education & Programming
Lindsay Ryan, MEd, CAS, QMHP

Disability Advocacy
Mike Tripodi

Support Services
Liliana McCaffrey

Program Specialists
Katterin Sanchez
Leymar Vargas
Catherine Meneses-Matthews
Emma Meneses-Matthews
Lisa Morgan