Information and Referral Services

-Trained GRASP staff provide informational services including diagnostic, psychological, community, and family resources via email or phone.  Through our staff and/or organizational partners, we strive to locate and connect individuals to services locally, regionally, and globally.  Please utilize the contact us page to inform us of your needs.

Social Media & GRASP Discussion Group

-Daily social media posts about important issues affecting the Autistic and Disability Communities.  Weekly moderated discussions on GRASP’s Facebook group.  Connect with us through our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and request to join the GRASP Facebook Discussion group here,

Informal Chat 

-A weekly chat moderated by GRASP through our Zoom Chat Room with Aspies, Autistics, and individuals on the Autism Spectrum, who are GRASP Online Members.  This chat is free form and does not follow a specific topic.  We ask all GRASP Online members to follow our social media guidelines for chatting behavior.  Our chat night is currently Thursday at 8pm EST.  Click here to sign-up for info about the chat.


-Regular blog post entries from Board of Director members, Autistic individuals, and members of the autism community.  To follow our blog, click here,