Free resources we provide to the community.

Information and Referral (I & R) Services
Trained GRASP staff provide informational services including diagnostic, psychological, community, and family resources via email or phone.  Through our staff and/or organizational partners, we strive to locate and connect individuals to services locally, regionally, and globally.  Please utilize the contact page to inform us of your needs,

Social Media
Daily social media posts about important issues affecting the Autistic and Disability Communities.  Connect with us through our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Our blog features entries from GRASP’s Board of Directors, GRASP members, Autistic individuals, and members of the autism community.  To follow our blog, click here,

Face-to-Face Support Groups
We offer support groups across the country. To be considered for a GRASP Face-to-Face membership, please contact us to begin the intake process or visit,   The GRASP Regional Face-to-Face meeting calendar is also at the bottom of the Membership & Support Group page.  If you don’t see a group location in your area, please contact us and we will be happy to connect you to services and supports in your region.

Online Chat Groups
Our monthly weekly chat groups moderated by GRASP through our Zoom Chat Room with Aspies, Autistics, and individuals on the Autism Spectrum.  These groups are an accessible way for fellow Autistic adults (age 18+) to get together to chat in a safe space.
We recently added a parents and families chat to support the neurotypical (NT) members of our community. We would be happy to consider adding a NT partners/significant others group and a clinicians chat if there is interest.

We require all GRASP Online members to follow our social media guidelines for chatting behavior. Because of the increased attendance to groups, reservations will be required for Mondays’ and Tuesdays’ chats. Currently, these chats will be limited to 20 participants.

Current chat groups:

  • Mondays: Chat group for Aspies using video & audio- RSVP required and limited to 20 participants
  • Tuesdays: Chat group for Aspies allowing typing only- RSVP required and limited to 20 participants
  • Wednesdays: LGBTQIA+ group
  • Thursdays: Women, Transwomen, and Non-binary Folx group
  • Fridays: NT Parents and Families group

Please visit our contact page to sign-up for the chat.