Information and Referral Services

-Trained GRASP staff provide informational services including diagnostic, psychological, community, and family resources via email or phone.  Through our staff and/or organizational partners, we strive to locate and connect individuals to services locally, regionally, and globally.  Please utilize the contact page to inform us of your needs.

Social Media 

-Daily social media posts about important issues affecting the Autistic and Disability Communities.  Connect with us through our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Online Chat Groups

-Various monthly chat groups moderated by GRASP through our Zoom Chat Room with Aspies, Autistics, and individuals on the Autism Spectrum.  These groups are for fellow Autistic adults (age 18+) to get together to chat in a safe space and do not follow a specific topic.  We ask all GRASP Online members to follow our social media guidelines for chatting behavior.

Current chat groups:

  • Informal chat group
  • LGBTQI Community group
  • Over 50s group
  • Women, Transwomen, & Non-Binary Folx group

Please visit our contact page to sign-up for the chat.


-Regular blog post entries from Board of Director members, Autistic individuals, and members of the autism community.  To follow our blog, click here,