Coaching Services


We are excited to offer our affordable program of coaching sessions for Autistic adults, individuals with related disabilities, couples, parents, and families. Our Autistic and Neurodivergent coaches provide support in multiple topic areas and will customize sessions to meet your specific needs.

Coaching differs from therapy, as the coach and individual immediately seeks to identify one’s issues and needs. The coach offers you insights and practical solutions which come from our years of experience, evidence-based practices, and from a Neurodivergent perspective.

Our coaches seek to provide solutions to issues within several sessions.  We recognize that issues related to inequities from systemic racism, ableism, and housing, are unlikely to be resolved through coaching. However, we are here to listen and be of assistance to the best of our abilities.

If you are unable to afford the full price for sessions, we offer financial assistance through a sliding scale. Please read what is required below and reach out to GRASP’s VP, Mx. Lindsay Ryan, at to submit an intake for financial assistance.

We can provide coaching in:

  • Employment & Job Skills
    • Career counseling
    • Interview preparation
    • Resume writing
  • Executive functioning skills
    • Activities of daily living
    • Financial skills
    • Community skills
  • Communication skills
    • Social relationships
    • Relationships and intimacy
  • Emotion regulation
    • Coping skills
  • Life transitions
    • Graduating from secondary school
    • Beginning post-secondary education
    • Gender transition support


Session TypePrice
First coaching consultation session$100
70 minute session $75
100 minute session$100
Couples coaching session, 70 mins  (Polyamorous couples & throuples welcome!) $100
Family coaching session, 70 mins (Pods welcome!) $150
A chart which lists the costs of coaching session by length and type.

If you have a question, please look though the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you cannot find the answer to your question(s), email us following the directions on our contact page. Please identify topics for which you are seeking coaching.

Frequently asked questions

How are coaching sessions offered?
Coaching sessions are offered nationally and internationally through Zoom. Alternatively, for non-speaking clients, we offer text or chat based options. We do not currently offer in-person services.

How does payment and cancellation work?
All sessions must be prepaid before the appointment begins. Sessions must be cancelled with at least 24 hours notice, or payment for the session will be forfeit. Exceptions may be made in extenuating or emergency circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

What is required for financial assistance?
For American and Canadians, usually your most recent tax return and, if applicable, a copy of any social security, EBT/Snap, alimony, or child support payments. If this is not possible for you to provide, we can discuss alternative options. For international clients, please provide a letter from a partner, friend, or relative, which verifies your financial situation and your need for financial assistance.

Do you provide coaching in any other languages?
Yes, we also offer coaching in Spanish and ASL.

Do you still offer the 5 pre-paid coaching session discounted package?
We no longer offer this option, however, former clients who have utilized this package may finish up their current pre-paid sessions.

What is a throuple?
A throuple is a group of three people in a relationship. Sometimes the relationship may have started with two people and expanded to include a third. Otherwise the relationship begins with all three people. Sometimes the people in a throuple are monogamous to their other partners in the throuple. Other times they are polyamorous. Either way, we welcome throuples!

What is a pod?
A pod is a group of polyamorous people who have (usually) decided to parent together. Sometimes it can just be a group of families that live and love together without kids. Either way, we welcome this form of family!