Membership & Autism Support Groups

*COVID-19 Update: Most of our in-person support groups are currently meeting virtually, however, we are still accepting In-person GRASP Membership requests. Please reach out to us via our contact us page to request membership for a group in your area.*

Interested in becoming a GRASP member? Membership is free! We offer two types: Online membership and Regional In-person Support Group membership. To be considered for either memberships, please use the contact page to begin the intake process,

Online Membership

Online Chat Groups
Our monthly and weekly chat groups are moderated by GRASP through our Zoom Chat Room and Patreon-only Facebook groups with Autistics, individuals on the Autism Spectrum, and Neurodivergent folx. These groups are an accessible way for fellow Autistic adults (age 18+) to get together to chat in a safe space.

Current groups:

Regional In-person Autism Support Group Membership

If you are interested in attending an in-person meeting, please look over the list of cities below and locate the appropriate group. When you contact us, we will begin the intake process for that group.

If you don’t see a group location in your area, please utilize the contact page and we will be happy to connect you to services and supports in your region. Additionally, we are beginning virtual groups around the globe in underserved areas; contact us and we can discuss the process of starting a group!

GRASP In-person locations

GRASP Los Angeles, CA Group

GRASP Evanston/Chicago, IL Group

GRASP Hudson Valley, NY Group

GRASP Nassau County, NY Group

GRASP & Artemis New York City, NY Group

GRASP Philadelphia, PA Group