Exciting GRASP Announcements!

GRASP is excited to announce new partnerships, changes to our online chat, and our upcoming conference!  

In Colorado, we have partnered with the newly formed neurodiversity non-profit Autistic Fusion in Denver and we are collaborating with Autism & Asperger Connections of Colorado Springs to provide support for the state!  Learn more at https://autisticfusion.org/ and http://autismaspergerconnections.org/about-us/.

In New York City, we are collaborating with the Artemis Meetup group to reach more women on the autism spectrum. Learn more about the group by contacting us

Additionally, we are moving to a new platform for our weekly online chat. We will be using Zoom for private chat experience. Please contact us to learn more about our online community resources or sign up for an online membership.

Finally, we are looking forward to our 14th Annual Benefit!  This year’s “Conference in the Country,” will feature prominent speakers from the Autistic and Autism communities such as: Jesse SapersteinSuzanne Reek, and Janine Kruiswijk.  Stay tuned for speaker updates.