Sports Programs

Meaningful inclusion in soccer, basketball…

While providing transition services in school district sites, we identified that organized, recreational activities were desperately needed by the Autistic and disabled students.  With coaching certifications from US Soccer and NFHS, including safety and adaptive sports, our staff have been able to apply their years of athletic experience and training to create specific programming for the Autism community.  

For our pilot soccer program: GRASP’s Inclusive Soccer Program model includes a team comprised of typical developing, Autistic, and disabled students, which competes in a newly developed regional league. GRASP also offers equipment, such as cleats, shin guards, socks, and shorts to students with financial need, as well as equipment for practices and games. 

Included in our program, we provide full-length and mini skills camps for community organizations and schools across the country and can assist existing athletic programs in providing best practices for accessibility and inclusivity in sports.   

Please reach out to us through our contact page to request a program quote.