-In New York:

The logo for Sinergia; a three petal flower in shades of orange and yellow sits beside the purple word, sinergia.

In 2016, Sinergia and GRASP were awarded a Department of Health three year grant to work with families in the Bronx, NY. Recently, this grant was renewed for another three year period. This program implements evidence-based strategies for self-determination and self-advocacy skills, components for the transition to adulthood, and community-based learning for Autistic and autism spectrum teens (ages 14-21) and provides informational workshops for parents and caregivers. 

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The logo for SPARK; a blue SPARK in uppercase letters sits on top of a yellow shooting star. Underneath reads,

GRASP began collaborating with SPARK in 2016.  SPARK’s purpose is to “provide researchers with medical and genetic information from tens of thousands of individuals and families affected by autism. These data will power important new research that aims to advance the understanding of autism and provide meaningful information and resources to participants.”

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The logo for the Autism Society; a small flag of blue with white star shaped people silhouettes sits to the left of the red words Autism Society.

GRASP has been collaborating with the Autism Society of America Autism Source Information and Referral Service since 2013.  We are proud to partner with their extensive database to provide more in depth information and referral services to GRASP members and the community.

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GRASP is approved by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards as a Certified Autism Trainer.  We collaborate with the International Board  of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) to provide continuing autism education for professional development.  Receive 20% off of your Autism Certification with the partner code GRASP at IBCCES.

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