In my last blog, I said that I had very few friends. But then last year, I met two people that have really changed my life. I won't mention their names for privacy reasons. All I'll is that I gave them a nickname - The Best of Both Worlds.

I have one friend that is known to be very nurturing, compassionate and warm-hearted. She is a mother of six children so nurturing comes natural to her. When she knows that I am down or having a bad day she always noticed and is always there to check up on me. Even on days when I'm fine she'll still check on me. She'll put a smile on your face and try so hard not to do it but you can't help. She's is one of the best people I have ever met in my life and she is a reason why I help others is because of her.

The other one is of a different sort. She is a no-nonsense, tough, strong and driven woman. She's not the type to hold your hand or deal with someone's BS. Lets just say that if you push her she'll push back harder. But I know that's she does it for a good reason. She's the one that will tell you like it is and if I'm having a pity party or feeling sorry for myself she'll bring me right back to reality. I know she does this because she cares. She doesn't show a lot of emotion but I do know deep down that she cares and wants what's best for me. And I'll always love her for that.

You see I have two people; two dynamics; but they all have one goal. To be there for me when I need help or support. If I were to put these two together, they be the perfect friend. I don't know what I done to deserve these two people. They are blessings in disguise and I don't really don't deserve them. They know what type of person I am and they seen both sides of me the good and the ugly but they are still there. They have earned my love and respect and that is something that I don't give away easily. They earned it. 

After writing this I actually came up with a new nickname for them: MY ANGELS  

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Comment by Denver NeVaar on December 30, 2013 at 10:38pm

Actually, I don't think you could ever put these two people together, because the skill sets they employ are so opposite.  If merged, the respective skills would cancel each other out.  Like the earth, however, we rotate between diverse seasons and conditions and the truth is that sometimes we need one and sometimes we need the other.  Maybe what we really need is to come to more constructive and empowering ways of relating to our own changes.  In my case, throughout the past eleven months, the primary change has been learning how to view and interpret myself as a man with high-functioning autism.  On one hand, it's nice to have an explanation for a lifetime of difficulties.  On the other hand, it sometimes seems that I was more able to cope when I was ignorant of my condition, since I didn't notice as many of the adversarial details as I do now, but I was also just as unable to cope as now because I frequently couldn't understand what people were asking or expecting of me.  That, unfortunately, does not seem to have changed. 


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