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Gorus is back -- with a new job !

Dear GRASP community, I am back! I have missed not being able to connect with aspies lately, but I hope to get back into the swing of things and become, once again, active in posting and connecting with you.

The reason for my recent silence is that I acquired employment in a rather remote area of Alaska, many thousands of miles from where I had been living in New Mexico for nearly twenty years. The logistical challenges of relocating took all of my resources, both time…


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A Message from the New Executive Director of GRASP

Dear Members, Families, Friends, and Fellow Spectrumites,


            I am so excited to be writing this letter to you today as the new Executive Director of GRASP.  As the facilitator of the Hudson Valley support group chapter, I have had the privilege of working closely with Michael John, the Board, and the members of this wonderful organization.  I have been a witness to and a participant in the great work that we do to spread the word of our mission:  which is to improve…


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Speech Therapy with John, Paul, George, and Ringo...

One of the more common challenges (at least according to the experts) for a child with Asperger Syndrome is developing an understanding of the subtleties of communication. I can't speak for other children, but Haydn definitely has trouble with basic conversation skills. He always asked questions and made little speeches (mostly about fans and lights), but actual conversation is a real challenge.

His initial diagnosis included "Semantic-Pragmatic Language Impairment," which of course…


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Some Thoughts on Stimming... (re-broadcast from 'Haydn's World')

"Stimming" (in quotes for the last time in this story) is fairly common to the autism spectrum. There are a hundred different definitions in a hundred different books and they all are probably correct. I don't believe a simple definition can sum up everything that stimming is, or what it does, for people on the autism spectrum. For example, here is a dictionary definition:

Stimming is a…


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The Incident at The Children's Place (Oct. 2010)

Rebroadcast from Haydn's World, where we subscribe to the philosophy:

"The autism spectrum is entirely too serious to take seriously."

It's Thursday night and it's time to take a little trip out to the mall to buy some warmer clothes for Haydn. We walk into The Children's Place and Haydn immediately needs to use the potty. Amanda (Mommy) starts looking for clothes while we go check out the bathroom. He goes into the stall alone, comes…


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Welcome to Haydn's World

Re-broadcasted from "Haydn's World"

Where we subscribe to the philosophy: 'The autism spectrum is entirely too serious to be taken seriously.'

Welcome to Haydn's World...

 My son is way too cute to be my kid.

My wife says she sees me in him, but I only see Daddy when he is about to get into trouble. He gives me a…


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Operation Mallrat

Operation Mallrat

Re-broadcast from "Haydn's World"

(Wednesday, October 20,…


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