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Comic Redesigns the Autism Spectrum to Crush Stereotypes

We, me certainly included often complain of the stereotyping of Autism and the lack of understanding of the spectrum. Rebecca Burgess of the UK did something about it and did it well. I noticed the blogs lately have been from the recently diagnosed. I suspect Rebecca's work will be a real help in explaining things.

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Relief: Receiving an Autism Diagnosis as an Adult By Becca Lory

Relief: Receiving an Autism Diagnosis as an Adult

By Becca Lory


I am often asked what it felt like to get an autism diagnosis at age 36. As an active Autism Advocate, writer, and public speaker, when I say often…I mean OFTEN. …


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Autism Speaks appoints two autistics to thier board of directors

They are Dr. Steven Shore who many of you are familiar with

And Dr. Valarie Paradiz

The announcement has been greeted by a lot of cynicism and some of it is warrented. When you take in the big picture which includes the resignations of Bob Wright and other top officials as well as a change of tone in my… Continue

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GRASP's Autism & Disabilities Panel at Pace University

Please click here or on the link to RSVP,…


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Was former President Richard Nixon on the spectrum?

In order to get the most out of this post you should have some basic knowledge of the Nixon Presidency and the Vietnam/Watergate era and Watergate scandal.  There is so much material on these subjects I just do not see the need to write my own summary here.


The late President Richard Nixon has probably been the subject of more amateur psychoanalysis then any figure in the 20th century. The 40th anniversary of his resignation this past Saturday inspired a…


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A Message from the New Executive Director of GRASP

Dear Members, Families, Friends, and Fellow Spectrumites,


            I am so excited to be writing this letter to you today as the new Executive Director of GRASP.  As the facilitator of the Hudson Valley support group chapter, I have had the privilege of working closely with Michael John, the Board, and the members of this wonderful organization.  I have been a witness to and a participant in the great work that we do to spread the word of our mission:  which is to improve…


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My January 3 Experience Hoping to Get Closer To An ASD Diagnosis

I'm angry, hurt & upset. I went to a Jan. 3 neuropsychological workup, providing an ASD checklist that I filled out. Other than that nothing I was checked out for was very relevant to issues in ASDs. The exam started out with an interview with a lady. Then the nueuropsychologist popped his head in and I could tell that his mind was already made up on what he thought my primary problem was. He said: "You have had it suggested to you that you have OCD,…

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My Faxed Statement To Our Representatives About The Thursday Nov. 29 Hearings

 Dear Representatives: I'm Lisa DeSherlia, the mom of a daughter who is diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and one with a suspected ASD myself. I was able to listen to the Congressional Autism Hearings this past Thursday and much of what I hear was hurtful and painful to hear. Right before I begin, let me agree with you that research is important to improve how ASDs are diagnosed and how services are…

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The Thursday, November 29, Autism Hearings

I am thrilled that GRASP has been invited to the Thursday, November 29, hearings but I read in the uploaded letter to the Director that he is permitted only five minutes to speak. That does not allow much to be said. And I understand that another big voice in the autism community, Ari Ne'mann, is also invited to speak at the hearings. I also understand that the topics that are supposed to be discussed at this…


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Doctors Are Idiots!

...well those practicing within the realm of conventional medicine anyway. What's worse, western culture is so brainwashed by the billions of dollars spent each year to keep you enslaved to it. So who spends this money? -it's anyone and everyone who has some financial stake in your unhealthy decisions... 

  • what you eat and where you get it from...
  • which weight loss program you subscribe to...
  • from whom you receive healthcare...
  • which poisons you…

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The Pied Piper

My partner calls me the Pied Piper because the pets follow me around everywhere. I realize it's because I understand them a little better, and could that possibly be because most mammals (especially cats) are basically autistic in nature? Or is it that I just understand them because I analyze them more?

If you think about it, most mammals don't associate in large groups; rather, humans are the only ones that do, and only for the last 10,000 years or so. Is autism somehow a…


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Speech Therapy with John, Paul, George, and Ringo...

One of the more common challenges (at least according to the experts) for a child with Asperger Syndrome is developing an understanding of the subtleties of communication. I can't speak for other children, but Haydn definitely has trouble with basic conversation skills. He always asked questions and made little speeches (mostly about fans and lights), but actual conversation is a real challenge.

His initial diagnosis included "Semantic-Pragmatic Language Impairment," which of course…


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Some Thoughts on Stimming... (re-broadcast from 'Haydn's World')

"Stimming" (in quotes for the last time in this story) is fairly common to the autism spectrum. There are a hundred different definitions in a hundred different books and they all are probably correct. I don't believe a simple definition can sum up everything that stimming is, or what it does, for people on the autism spectrum. For example, here is a dictionary definition:

Stimming is a…


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My Petition on Behalf Of Present and Future Adults With Autism

On behalf of the fact that I recognize that once out of high school, young people with ASDs lose their entitements to support services and on behalf of many in the "lost generation," whether diagnosed later in life or undiagnosed, I have created a petition at the website:…


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The Incident at The Children's Place (Oct. 2010)

Rebroadcast from Haydn's World, where we subscribe to the philosophy:

"The autism spectrum is entirely too serious to take seriously."

It's Thursday night and it's time to take a little trip out to the mall to buy some warmer clothes for Haydn. We walk into The Children's Place and Haydn immediately needs to use the potty. Amanda (Mommy) starts looking for clothes while we go check out the bathroom. He goes into the stall alone, comes…


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Welcome to Haydn's World

Re-broadcasted from "Haydn's World"

Where we subscribe to the philosophy: 'The autism spectrum is entirely too serious to be taken seriously.'

Welcome to Haydn's World...

 My son is way too cute to be my kid.

My wife says she sees me in him, but I only see Daddy when he is about to get into trouble. He gives me a…


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Operation Mallrat

Operation Mallrat

Re-broadcast from "Haydn's World"

(Wednesday, October 20,…


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