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New to the group and looking for friends

Greetings! My name is Brian. I am 38 years old and have recently joined this website. as a person diagnosed with ADHD, tourette's, OCD and asperger's I have often had to struggle in some areas that come more easily to neurotypical folks, (ie. social skills and interactions, keeping and maintaining friendships, etc.) Academics was easier for me fortunately, I was able to graduate with a B.A. in religious studies and a Master's of Theological Studies and even after my time in higher education…


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A.S.A.P. or asperger support and awareness project

For the past 2 years I have sought out to start a project that would bring awareness to those adults who have autism or Asperger's syndrome. Because I am a late diagnosed adult I did not get the necessary interventions that are often given to people now who are diagnosed younger. Growing up as a kid was ridiculously frustrating, but it makes sense now knowing I have Asperger's.

So I set out to work on awareness and advocating Asperger's to others. I have not gotten very far as there…


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Being autistic is not a choice; it’s a way of life. When we have our moments they can either be harmless or terrifying. The ones that should be there for you at your worst times are your family, friends and spouses. Now each has their own method of trying to help. Sometimes it can be the right solution or the wrong solution. They each have their own effect and I know they mean well but sometimes it won’t always help. But I have two people with two different…


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what now?

so, its possiable i have aspergers. a big relief gor me to finally know whats wrong.

ive search the internet and cant find anything on what to do.... how to i work with this, how do i tell my family s they can understand ?

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Jekyll and Hyde

In my last blog, I wrote that I had an identity crisis growing up. Being what everyone else wanted me to be. In the end I created my own identity and its working fine for me. In actuality my identity can sometime be my own worst enemy. What that means is that I can be two different people, like Jekyll and Hyde. I can be the good doctor or the monster. I can’t be both.…


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The Science Fair

Re-broadcasr from "Haydn's World" (1/25/2011)

"What are all these kids doing in my store?"

Haydn and I walk into The Lakeshore Learning Store, the  only store that seems to have toys that Haydn likes. Puzzles, art supplies, learning and science toys, all kinds of building toys, they have it all and they leave them out for the kids to play with. They have toys that focus on fine and…


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Like most, if not all people, I wanted to make friends. I wanted to be in the crowd. I wanted to be noticed. I tried to do certain things or be certain type of people in order to be “popular.” Looking back at it now, it would look silly or stupid but growing up with a condition that I had no knowledge of, I just wanted to make friends, by any means necessary.…


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Both Sides Now (revised)

Measuring by behavioral reports and memories, I have always been autistic but spent the majority of my life thus far waiting for the world around me to catch up, so that the limitations and circumstances it provided could finally become less oppressive. The answers which could not be provided simply because no one had the knowledge to explain my differences to me, the strategies and methods of empowerment that even now have only barely been discovered, and the myriad of ways that my…


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The title only has one word; one name. This is the story of someone who means the universe to me. Everyone needs someone like SHAYLA in their life. After I tell you this story, you’ll understand why.

When I first met this woman, at my job, I didn’t think much of her. Only thing I knew about her is that she has six children. I didn’t know her. I didn’t want to know her. She was nothing but another coworker. Until she…


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We all want to be heroes. We all want to save the world. But sometimes even heroes need sidekicks.

I have a friend who makes the word HARD look EASY. She works hard at her job. She works hard to provide and care for her family. We live in a society where most people can’t do both. But she is one person who can. And she does this on her own. Some people may not see that but to others that is a modern day hero. I believe…


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When living with HFA it can take you to a place. A place that no one should go, not even in your darkest hour. One day, it gets to the point that your darkness can take over your mind and your soul.
A couple of years ago, I was at my darkest time. I had no friends, barely any family, no job, and no life. I had no one. No one who understood me. No…

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Living with AS

Hey everybody, first let me say how grateful I am to finally come to a community where I can speak out on my disorder, as well as the many problems associated with it. I definitely look forward to hearing  some of your stories :) Well, let me tell you MY story. When I was a child I had been diagnosed with AS and for several years I had kind of been ignorant on the problem. I didn't really know what made me so different from most people..until my mother told me around freshman year of high…


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Why can't people take no for an answer? For some time, I've been showing my friends my appreciation for being in my life by doing little things. Small things like buying them lunch to large things like buying them a watch they wanted on their birthday. The reason I do these things is to show them that there are people that do love them; that do care for them; that wants what's best for them. And that they are the most special people in my life and I want to show them how I feel about…


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Best of Both Worlds

In my last blog, I said that I had very few friends. But then last year, I met two people that have really changed my life. I won't mention their names for privacy reasons. All I'll is that I gave them a nickname - The Best of Both Worlds.

I have one friend that is known to be very nurturing, compassionate and warm-hearted. She is a mother of six children so nurturing comes natural to her. When she knows that I am down or having a bad day she always noticed and is always there…


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Do the Really Understand??

Autistic people are known to have very few friends and its difficult to make them. But when you get close to the ones you do have and they claim they understand your condition. Do you ask yourself, do they really know? Do they really know what we go through on a daily basis? Do they really know how hard it is to be forthcoming?

Take it from me, I don't have a lot of friends and the ones that I do have I did tell them about my condition. But sometimes I feel that that want to…


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Article that makes you think

Today I read an article that said that people who are autistic have a greater risk of committing suicide than someone who is depressed and non autistic.

I can understand why someone with this condition would have the thoughts. And I had those thoughts too in the past. But I haven't had a thought like that in years.

I am not a supporter of this act but I can relate thought but all I can do is just live my life. And hope these thoughts will never cross my mind…


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My name is Mike and I became a member of GRASP. I was diagnosed with autism when I was kid but since it was fairly new at my time, they didn't know what kind of autism it was. Just recently I dound out the title of this condition PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not otherwise specified.) or high functioning autism. All they knew is that my symptoms were not as severe.  So I had to go to a special school, go to a special class, "ride the short bus." Then everyone thought I was ready…


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Disability is a natural part of human diversity,

Disability is a natural part of human diversity, 

and the problems that people with disabilities face

in fully enjoying their human rights 

stem from the failure of society 

to be inclusive of people with disabilities.

Societal barriers --physical, informational, attitudinal, and others--

are the things that need to be 'treated,

'not people with…


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We Love Aspies

I just wanted to share this video, from an old episode of Sesame Street.

When I…


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Standing Tall in a World of Cowering Shadows

On one hand, I remain absolutely convinced that absolutely everything is extremely interconnected and interdependent. On the other hand, however, as someone with high-function autism, I remain very aware the details of my world, among which is that apparently the majority of those around me wish to hide everything of which others might not approve--including autism. In contrast, I learned very early in life that one cannot live one’s own life with any integrity nor can one effectively serve…


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