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Transition update 8_27_13

This is Becca's Mom-I haven't logged in since June as nothing happened over the summer.  However, this week we are finally getting things started.  We met with her Job Coach on Monday for almost 2 hours.  He seemed great and is actively looking for positions this week.  We also started yesterday with her Life Coach/OT.  I'm very excited to see how her schedule works out.

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As Stones in the Stream

Mottled and misshapen, unmoving and unmoved for longer than any remembers, yet in awareness forever growing and accumulating more memories than any single moment can hold--an entire lifetime is necessary.  In a long ago time, the stone lay in a field, surrounded by flowers with occasional attempts by vines to scale its modest height.  Then a particularly harsh winter fading to spring floods reshaped the land and the water found a new course.  Now the tiny trickle had grown to a steady…


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Cut Down to Size

I look up at the night sky and see all the glimmering stars and think wow. The light from those tiny specks in the sky have traveled hundreds, thousands, even millions of light years to reach our eyes. What is actually as large as our massive sun, and some even larger, is received by us as just a little speck in the sky. To our planet we are just tiny specks of dust. To our sun our planet is just a tiny insect. To other even more massive stars our sun is like a newborn babe. To the galaxy…


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Self Sabotage

Well, I managed to do it again -- get really far with something, and then blow it at the end.  Back to square one, as usual!  I thought maybe by some miracle I wouldn't crucify myself in the interview for this training program I've been harping on, but no such luck!  Couldn't call stuff to mind when they asked me questions.  I won't go into all the sordid details, but here is what I am choosing to take out of it:  This particular type of job is ideally suited to me.  Therefore, even though…


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Neurotypical movie on PBS POV

For those who have not yet heard, there is a new documentary airing on PBS from Chris Larsen called Neurotypical.  It is also available online to stream.  Check it out here:

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Some thoughts on the Monday evening chat room discussion group

If you don't know what the Monday Nite chat room discussion group is, I would not be surprised. The group is relatively new, since February of this year, and not possibly everyone's cup of tea.

The chat room discussion group meets Monday and Thursday evenings in the Main Chat room, starting at 9P.M. EST/ 8P.M. CST/ 7P.M. MST/ and 6P.M. PST.

This group is not a formal GRASP group, and as well is not quite structured.

It began, as an attempt to coordinate meeting times in…


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Being Me Around You

Perhaps autism is the reason I've never really noticed an inherent conflict between individuality, relationship, and community.  Specifically because of autism, I notice the myriad of details related to each of these three and, in time, I've also learned how these details can be organized like the subtle shifts of color within a rainbow.  When conflicts have occurred, it is more often because of objections to interconnection. 

On one hand, in being myself I make a point of knowing my…


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Ok,So this is not the first time this happend to me

Ok, so, this is not the first time this has happened to me, when I set out to do something and it doesn't work out like I expected. I whent down to the hospital like I said I was going to. I didn't think this was going to be as hard for me as it was. Anxiety I was feeling this morning. I wanted to find an excuse so I could have a legitimate reason not to go. But I did go, and I was successful. I made it to the social workers office. She was a nice person. I told her my name, I then disclosed…


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In search of

Tomorrow I will leave the safety and security of my yard, in search of a new doctor. I am going to use a coping skill I use to use 26 years ago, before I hooked up with my partner. My partner used to help me with everything. But now I find my self a drift all alone, the sure line is clearly in sight but not close enough to touch. I believe that the depression I am experiencing is do to the uncertainty and blindness that I must face in my search. Aspies and change do not mix well, I hate…


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Relationship Issue

My Girlfriend , who by the way is wonderful and very supportive , has always known that I'm a little quirky. When however I was diagnosed with Aspergers (about 5 weeks ago, I'm 50 ). It really seemed to set us back. It's almost has if this is just too overwhelming for her. I'm tying to be patient and to work through this with her . Hoping for some help and or support.

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My Doctor

I have been seeing my doctor for ten or more year's he has been very successful in managing my autism/ADHD to the point of enabling me to seek and maintain normal employment. Yes it is part-time employment but none the less it is a normal job. That to me is an awesome display of truly knowing your craft/profession. Now he has retired, and I am alone again. Not only did I lose a good friend but an awesome co polite as well. As I try to navigate through life in search of a new doctor, I…


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Hijacked by Waiting

I took a test for a training opportunity last week, and we are supposed to find out the results of the test by the 17th (today being the 15th).  In my mind, that means the results could come at any time.  If I pass this, I can go on to the next step of the selection process for this training opportunity.  They say only 5 people will be chosen by the end.  I'm estimating around 30-40 people took the initial testing.  This has left me in limbo, because the whole thing has basically "hijacked"…


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School... at last!

I'm so excited I finally got into school! Okay it's not an actual college or anything but still. I am officially attending The Hadley School for the Blind. Now before anyone asks no I'm not blind, but without my glasses I'm considered legally blind. I have also had laser surgery on both of my eyes already because holes were forming in my retinas and they didn't want them to completely detach. This, and the fact that I'll have to have more laser surgery in the future, got me accepted into the…


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Gorus is back -- with a new job !

Dear GRASP community, I am back! I have missed not being able to connect with aspies lately, but I hope to get back into the swing of things and become, once again, active in posting and connecting with you.

The reason for my recent silence is that I acquired employment in a rather remote area of Alaska, many thousands of miles from where I had been living in New Mexico for nearly twenty years. The logistical challenges of relocating took all of my resources, both time…


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My Canvas

I was watering my backyard jungle last night. I am impressed. I see my yard as a large pice of canvas and the things I grow as the paint and wow, I don't know how to describe it, you just have see it to understand.


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I am really new here.  I found out about me about a year ago.  I was 57 yo at the time.  After all the shrinks, therapy and even being hospitalized once it sucks finding out this late in life.  But really it is a blessing.  I now know why I am so different from everyone.  I always knew.  When I was in grade school I just assumed my mind was controlled by aliens.

My brain races all of the time. It always has. It makes it hard to sleep so I deal with it.  I live in Houston Texas and…


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Reviewing the Movies

Although I'm a person who is very selective about which movies I like to watch (mostly because of how much I remember them for days, months, and even years afterward), I also occasionally pull the DVDs out of storage and watch them again--in some cases as many as a dozen times or more by now.  One of the mixed blessings of autism is being able to similarly review experiences of my life, recalling incidents with all of the detail and immediacy of when I first experienced them.  The…


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Live and Let Live

I have certain very basic codes of behavior, which as an Aspie are probably more strict than those of NTs.  One of these basic codes is a belief in "live and let live" -- and currently, I have two issues which are really grating on me in this domain.  First, there is someone at work who has decided to focus his entire negative attention on me, i.e., he seems to be targeting me.  Every time he can think of something negative to say or some way to scrutinize or criticize me, he will.  He is…


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Has anyone been diagnosed @ age 49?

Has anyone been diagnosed @ age 49? Continue

Added by Susan Hund on June 27, 2013 at 3:46pm — 10 Comments

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