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Was former President Richard Nixon on the spectrum?

In order to get the most out of this post you should have some basic knowledge of the Nixon Presidency and the Vietnam/Watergate era and Watergate scandal.  There is so much material on these subjects I just do not see the need to write my own summary here.


The late President Richard Nixon has probably been the subject of more amateur psychoanalysis then any figure in the 20th century. The 40th anniversary of his resignation this past Saturday inspired a…


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My name is Ashley

Sorry for not introducing myself first, that would have been the right and appropriate thing to do.

I'm Ashley. 23-years-old self diagnosed aspie girl- still in search of a local specialist who can finalize my diagnosis. Was hoping there would be a support group in my area but there is not.  Maybe I will finally be reconciled with some young female aspies who can enlighten me and so forth.  I have not one friend- I have several aquaintences but none which I stay in touch with. I wish…


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Alabama Aspergers Support is WHERE?

I am 23-years-old and after 10 years of a series of mental illness misdiagnosis and all kinds of medication that needless to say have definitely had a negative affect.  I'm still on the prowl for an adult aspie specialist here in central AL. (Birmingham) and still getting the same response...'Sorry, we only help children.'  I mean- I think it's EXCELLENT that children are able to get the early intervention they need now as compared to when I was younger- but one would think SOMEONE who is so…


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Hello from Jimmie


This is the first thing that I have written on this site. I thought that I would introduce my self. I am Jimmie Leiffer. I am 16 years old as of this writing. I have Asperger's Syndrome. I am interested in astronomy and I wish to become an astronomer later in life. Consequently, my profile photo is based off of the astronomical symbol for the Sun. I am fascinated by all heavenly bodies, but the stars are usually the most impressive to me.

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Tasha and Marcus

This is the story about two people who live different lives. One is fun and outgoing while the other is shy and introverted. They are friends who can be close one day and can’t stand each other the next. Some people would even say that they don’t even need to be near each other because they are so different from one another. But somehow, no matter how bad things get between the two, they always find their way…


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Black and White Thinking the Middle Path and Relationships

I've added a new post to my blog. It is titled: 

"Black and White Thinking the Middle Path and Relationships".

It can be found here:


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Autism can have its disadvantages. But it can have some advantages. But there is one trait that can be both. It’s the ability to pay attention and look out for things that other people not might notice. You might be able to find a small h*** in someone’s shirt that no one else sees. Or you can see when things are changing so dramatically that they may stick out for you but not to others. Right now, I’m noticing that a relationship…


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Nothing More, Nothing Less

A friend told me that I’m always looking out for them and they appreciate it. That same person told me that I was the best man ever. When I heard this I got a little embarrassed. I was just doing what a friend would do for another friend. In friendships, we have an obligation to do what you think is best for your friends. I’m not here to teach you how to be a friend or how to be a better one because it’s not my…


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Let It Go - Autism Version

As a 56 year old guy I usually don't pay attention to Disney Princess movies. Then I read about the movie "Frozen" and the hit song from the movie "Let It Go" had  themes that people on the spectrum could relate to. The themes of hiding who you are because your "powers" went all wrong being isolated then finally allowing yourself to be who you really are is the story of my life. Sarah from Canada did a great Autism Version of it I thought I would share.



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Working Marriage or Long Term Relationship

When I search the internet for a positive example of a long term Aspergers relationships, I mostly find ( from the NT side) nothing but negative experiences. I'm looking for some first hand positives. Tell me why and how you' make it work.

Thanks in advance

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A friend came up to me and taught me a lesson on roles. How she explained it is that people play a certain part in people’s lives. Whether this role is important or insignificant, we all play a part in someone’s life. At first I thought she was talking nonsense and she didn’t know what she was talking about. But then I got it. I understood what she meant and it makes sense. There are some people in my life that…


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April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. I was diagnosed with autism when I was young. I know growing up wasn’t easy. I’m not saying that I’m the only one that struggled with a difficult childhood because there are many children that are going through the same exact struggles that I went through. Some of them are probably worse than mine. I still…


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Losing Gareth

     He arrived nearly nine years ago as the most wonderful ball of fur I’d ever seen, having been flown all alone from Tennessee after arrangements had been made by telephone.  He was an amazing combination of spirit, mind, and body, trying to make sense of his own peculiar transitions, perceptions, and…


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CNN News Autism

CNN Breaking News

To …

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Life is impact. What that means is that a person, a place, or a thing can make an impact. Whether it being positive or negative, there is an impact. I had a lot of impacts in my 28 years of living; some that were good and some that were horrible. I, of course, have made impacts with various results. But what I try to do is make a positive impact in a person’s life. Something that can make someone happy; make them feel special, make…


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What can a voice do to a person? It can either inspire or intimidate. It can scare you or soothe you. It can make you laugh or make you cry. I know I making it sound like a voice is an actual thing, but that’s because it is. A voice can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. It all depends on the person who uses it and the person who listens to it. Most people have one voice, and other people may have multiple voices. I fall…


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Newly Diagnosed-Relieved and Confused

Hi All,

I am a 57 year old gay man who recently found out about Aspergers. What I mean is I did hear about it years ago when Augusten Burroughs bother John Robison was diagnosed and was published but I didn't really think I fit into that category.

I was chatting with my sister whom I hadn't spoken with other than family reunions in 20 odd years. For the first time I can remember we were having an honest and open conversation. I was telling her of my experiences and my inability…


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school evaluation reports received

I received my son's evaluation reports from the school which will be used to complete his IEP on 3/14/14. My son is in the autism spectrum, has a sensory disorder, ADAH; he is 3 years old but cognatively 16 months with the motor skills of a 2 year old. My son is mostly non verbal speaking about 25-30 words. We are still going through the evaluation process with the local regional center. We do not have any services in place I have no clue where to start outside of the IEP.

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In my last blog I said that there are three types of people that I feel have a certain measure of understanding with me. I feel that the feeling is mutual. Everything I feel that they do with me, I do with them. When it comes to dealing with people who are “normal,” everything I learned or try to learn has either been wrong or half-right. As someone who is autistic, I have a difficult time reading people. So most times it’s guesswork. I know I may be…


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