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With a subscription to GRASP you get access to all the online support from our full website, quarterly newsletter on issues of interest to our community, invitations to join our email discussion groups, and the ability to volunteer to help manage particular areas of the website.


For those on the spectrum, you are also welcome to join the GRASP support group of your choice.

All subscribers will automatically be put onto our GRASP Global Network list.


Please note that all information will be kept secure and confidential. Also, if you are already a GRASP member you can use our online subscription form to update your exiting information.


Once you have subscribed, you will be sent an invitation to join our online discussion group(s) through Yahoo Groups. This is the place to ask questions and get to know other people in the GRASP community. However, you do not have to belong to the corresponding yahoogroups should you not wish to (many prefer just to receive newsletters, and the benefits of face-to-face meetings).


The vast majority of our groups are for people on the spectrum. However, please note that:

  1. If you are not an adult (or teen) on the spectrum, the appropriate groups for you are either the "Families and Clinicians" group, the "Online Siblings" group, or the "NT Partners/Significant Others" group.


  2. GRASP Global is for everyone, though subscribers who are not on the autism spectrum are asked to keep their contributions somewhat minimal.


  3. More generalized groups for folks on the spectrum, in addition to our Regional Networks, are GRASP Global, GRASP en Espanol, the GRASP GLBT group, and the GRASP Teen Network.


  4. Folks on the spectrum are asked to refrain from participation in the Families and Clinicians group or the NT Partners/Significant Others group (we need our space, and so too do others, right?). However, if someone on the spectrum is also a parent or clinician for someone on the spectrum then, by all means, they should feel free to join.



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 Visual Routine, by Pufferfish Apps

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