The People of GRASP


                              Kate Palmer, MA, CCP, CAS                               

 Vice President of Operations

 Lindsey Pfundstein, BA, AC, QMHP


John Courtney, M.S.W.

Dena Gassner, MSW

Amy Gravino, M.A.

Dr. Irma Jacqueline Ozer, Esq.

Kate Palmer, MA, CCP, CAS   

Paulette Penzvalto

Lindsey Pfundstein, BA, AC, QMHP

Dr. Stephen Shore, Ed.D

Karl Wittig, P.E.


Rachal Bales

Julie Bundrick 

Star Ford

Kate Goldfield

Temple Grandin, Ph.D

Xenia Kathy Grant

Robert E. Hedin

Perry Hoffman

Kari Marchant

Tom McAnaney

Lars Perner, Ph.D

Branden Plank

Jason Ross

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 Visual Routine, by Pufferfish Apps

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