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Other Websites and Organizations Run By Autistics

A Bay area, CA group with a lot of folks on the spectrum taking part in the leadership.

Website of spectrum writer and college coach, Amy Gravino..

 Asperger Friends
An on-line group in New Jersey.

Aspie Help
The website of New Zealand, spectrum social worker and mentor, Leith McMurray.

Aspies e.V.
A peer-run support organization in Germany

Aspie From Maine
GRASP Advisory Board member, Kate Goldfield's blog.
This is the web site for Stephen Shore.

Autism National Committee

This group sponsors an annual "Autreat".

ASK, "Autism Spectrum Kiwis"
Peer-run organization serving the country of New Zealand.

Be Unique, Be You, and Live
Website fr David George's book of the same title.

Dude, I'm an Aspie!
Mathew Friedman's asperger cartoons (VERY funny)

Click here to visit the Webpage of Liane Holliday Willey
Liane is an adult with AS, parent of a child with AS, and author of the wonderful book Pretending to be Normal

I'm An Aspie
Website of GRASP Advisory Board member, Brian King, LCSW.

ISNT: The Institute for the Study of the NeuroTypical
Hysterical and wonderful site, put together by an adult with AS, is a very thought provoking parody of Autism research and what it means to be viewed by most of society as "broken", rather than simply "different".

The lbnuke page
A great hangout for self-anointed "geeks." Run by Lori.

Preparing to be Nerdy Where Nerdy Can Be Cool: College Planning for The High Functioning Student with Autism
by Lars Perner, Ph.D.

T A S C, in Tallahassee, FL
Local support group
This is the web site for Donna Williams who is an author of several books and is an adult with autism.


Autinet is an open discussion list for Autism and Asperger Syndrome. To subscribe send an e-mail to telling something of your interest in Autism and Asperger Syndrome and asking to be subscribed. List owner is Peter Wise.

Autism and Asperger's Support Board: Friends, Family and Folk Diagnosed in the Autistic Spectrum.

The Independent Living mailing list
Anybody who wishes to join can e-mail Martijn Dekker (the list owner) and state your reasons for wishing to join


Education and Service Agencies

Adaptations, The Young Adult Life Skills Network
A social program for young adults in their 20's and 30's on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum and those with varied communication and learning differences, which offers a wide variety of opportunities, from social activities to ways to improve interpersonal skills, explore career options and more.

Asperger Association of New England

Tony Attwood's site

Autism Resources

Autism/PDD Resources


Cody Center for Autism

Early Intervention Guidelines


Families and Advocates Partnership for Education

The Geneva Centre for Autism, Toronto, Canada

The Gray Center

Herbert G. Birch Services

Indiana Research Center for Autism

The JCC in Manhattan
The JCC offers programs for teens and young adults.

Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD)

Resources for Children with Special Needs

Sensory Integration

Spanish Autism Resources

Work Smarter for Autism
The primary focus of this website service is to provide individuals with autism a web presence through which they can initiate a web-based business, create a network information resource, or share their individual contributions with the global community through the internet.

YAI-National Institute for People with Disabilities


College Assistance Programs

The College Internship Program
With four campuses around the country, this was the first of its kind. Founded by GRASP Board member, Michael McManmon, Ed.D


Government and Legal

The Social Security and Disability Resource Center
This website provides a detailed overview of how the federal disability system works (social security disability and SSI) and also provides answers to many questions that applicants typically have, but often have trouble finding answers to.

Government Online

IDEA Reauthorization: House bill HR 1350 and Senate Bill Petition

Law Site 1 - Amicus For Children

Law Site 2 - Wrights Law

N Y S Education - Pupil Transportation

New York Autism Network

New York State Education Department

NICHCY-The National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities

NYSACRA - New York State Association of Community and Residential Agencies

NYSED - Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Continuing Ed



Parent Training and Information Centers

Part 100 Regulations

Part 200 Regulations

Social Security Administration

SSI and SSDI reform
Two papers published by the Disability Research Institutewith valuable recommendations for making benefits operate far more smoothly and fairly. Click here for links to the papers by Allen Jensen and Robert Silverstein.

Science and Medication Info

American Council on Science and Health

Association for Science in Autism Treatment

Autism and Secretin - University of Virginia

Clinical Trials

Drug Information & Interactions (Medscape)


Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Institute for Vaccine Safety

M.I.N.D. Institute


National Council Against Health Fraud

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Pediatric Neurology


RxList - The Internet Drug Index

Publishing Companies and Libraries

AAPC-Autism&Asperger Publishing Company

Autism Digest-Magazine

Autism Spectrum Quarterly-Magazine

Disability Scoop

Future Horizons Publishing Company

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Starfish Specialty Press-Resources and Books

TAP-The Autism Perspective


Support for Significant Others

AS and Their Partners
This is a semi-private forum for people with Asperger's Syndrome (or those with related issues) and their Partners to try to learn from each other how to cope, support and to better our relationships. Whether it's marital, girl/boyfriend, parent/child, siblings, co-workers or just friendships all related topics are welcome! This place is here to deal with the things that make our relationships difficult and to try to see what we can do to overcome our differences. It's also a place for us to have fun and celebrate the good things that make our relationships so unique! Both the forum and website are free. The Forum requires a username and password setup with Delphi Forums, which offers a free membership.. and that free membership provides full access to our forum. *Please note, that while Delphi Forums has a free subscription, they inundate their free subscribers with ads hoping that you'll get sick of the inconvenience and eventually will prefer to pay a fee and upgrade, but the people that run this actual forum seem to be really good folks. Website:

AS/HFA Marriages
This group is for much the same purposes as the AS/HFA Couples above, except it's exclusively for married couples. This way if any marrieds feel more comfortable being in a more exclusive group, they have this option. To access this group go to:

or the Asperger Syndrome Partners Information Australia, a wonderful group in South Australia specifically for significant others of adults on the spectrum. Go to

ASPIRES LISTSERV (For Spouses and Family Members)
Sponsored by ASPIRES (Asperger Syndrome Partners & Individuals Resources, Encouragement and Support), an on-line resource for spouses and family members of adults diagnosed or suspected to be on the autistic spectrum. The approach of this group is directed towards solving problems in relationships. The listserv is a closed, subscription list hosted by FEAT. The list is owned and administered by Linda Newland. Email her at Individuals wishing to join must contact Linda with introductory information and use their own names and true addresses. Applicants must agree to ASPIRES membership terms and conditions. The URL for ASPIRES is:

The ASCEND Group Spouses & Partners
On-line community-based support for spouses and partners of someone who has Asperger's Syndrome or related diagnoses . Members help each other come to terms with AS and the impact on their marriage and family through education, understanding, validation and emotional support. Interactions take place within a context of learning, healing and exploring creative solutions to real time issues. Our intention is to ultimately enhance the quality of life for the family as a whole. We are a support chapter within The ASCEND Group ( serving families who are dealing with the Autistic Spectrum in the Greater Philadelphia / Tri-State area. Many of our "spouse/partner" group members are from this area and meet in person from time to time. However, membership currently includes and is open to those nationally and internationally. One's spouse or partner does not need to have had a professional diagnosis in order for you to join the group.
For more information, contact the group moderator, Tina Caterino at or 610-994-5760.

Sibling Support


Sadly, the last listing went dead. We're keeping this section open. Hoping...

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