Can GRASP Help Me?

If you’are an adult on the spectrum there are several ways we can help.

  1. You can join one of our free support networks and elists simply by becoming a member - it's free as are all of our groups. And our regional networks, in addition to face-to-face support meetings, also have online support groups so that you can converse out-of-meeting with other network members.
  2. If you require advocacy, or simply a middle-person go-between with an employer, a professor, or even a significant other, under the right circumstances we can mediate. But you must (excluding the latter example) know first what your rights are and are not under such circumstances.
  3. If you require assistance with a matter in the courts, please understand that we cannot lead in your case, though if your lawyer wishes, we are available for testimony. But that is up to him/her depending on your attorney’s chosen strategy.
  4. You can learn truckloads of information about what you have through our HELP & RESOURCES section, or through the months of free reading and listening through our MEDIA pages. 
  5. You can find possible therapists, sources for diagnosis, housing authorities, and vocational authorities—the latter two through the Additional Resources section, and all else through the pages dedicated to them, or through our Links page.

If you’re a parent of a child on the spectrum OR an adult on the spectrum, then you can also join our Families/Clinicians elist through the subscription menu (best bet). This gets you to an online support group where you can converse with many other parents and family members. And in both cases you can go to our Parents Advocacy page to get involved with groups that are more dedicated to parents issues.

And if you’re a parent of an adult on the spectrum, you can steer them towards us.

If you’re a clinician who works with people on the spectrum, or just an interested party, you can learn plenty by perusing our whole site.





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