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Welcome to the GRASP resources for California Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Asperger Syndrome.  We list here some organizations that you can reach out to for assistance and support in California.  GRASP has two active support groups in California and we invite you to help us expand our network of support groups.  Visit our page that tells you how to start an Asperger & ASD Support Group in California.


GRASP Support Groups for People with Asperger & Autistic Spectrum Disorders in California

GRASP has support groups in the San Diego, California and Los Angeles, California areas. They meet monthly and are free.  You must enroll as a member though to participate regularly. The support groups are an opportunity for adults with high-functioning autism and Asperger's Syndrome to spend some time together.  We create a safe and friendly social environment for people on the autism spectrum (diagnosed or self-identified) to support each other. It is a statement of our independence that we meet and interact without the intermediating presence of neurotypical people.  For specific information on how to participate visit our page for GRASP Support Group San Diego California or GRASP Support Group Los Angeles California.


Resources for People with Asperger & Autistic Spectrum Disorders in California

CA State Council on Developmental Disabilities
1507 21st Street, Suite 210
Sacramento CA 95811
916-443-4957 fax
916-324-8420 TTY

Protection & Advocacy Organizations
100 Howe Ave., Suite 235N
Sacramento CA 95825
800-776-5746 in CA


Adam Pollack
AUTASTICS (Autistics United Together and Showing They Indeed Can Succeed)
Adult Support Group
930 Elizabeth Street #15
San Francisco CA 94114
650.726.9245 fax

AASCEND (Autism and Asperger Syndrome Coalition for Education, Networking and Development)
support group
P.O. Box 591011
San Francisco CA 94159


Phase One Citizen Advocacy of Sonoma County
2421 Lomitas Avenue
Santa Rosa CA 95404
707-578-0813 fax

Esther Harris
AS/HFA Support Group
support group
Easter Seals Bldg. Rohnert Park (on State Farm Drive)


Please Help!

If you know of any additional resources in California for spectrumites or their families, or if you find inaccurate or obsolete information on this page, please email Hunt Downing at



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