About our Logo

About Our Logo

The logo, designed upon our inception in 2003, is somewhat obviously, a clenched fist. Yet, there are openings.


All forms of closure, coming to terms, or making peace, usually involves a final step of letting go (of whatever). Well, "letting go" is arguably the opposite of "grasping" yet one can't let go without feelings of inferiority if one hasn't fully explored the challenge put before them that requires such processing. It would be somewhat akin to being kicked out of the nest before one was ready.


Because all this autism/asperger "stuff" is still so relatively new to our collective societies, we aren't yet ready for an organization called "Let Go." But we'd like to be someday.


Therefore the fist, in this graphic portrayal, has the potential for relaxing (seen through the openings in certain knuckles). The hard lines of rigidity (indicated by the straight lines within the fist) then can hopefully turn into the more liberated circles that flow free once released from the fist. The idea being that once society becomes more behaviorally permissive and accepting, that the anxieties and feelings of failure that often accompany the diagnosis, will be greatly reduced. And a happier, more satisfying life will exist for everyone involved.



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